A project by Heritage Mississauga to inspire more people to connect with Mississauga's cultural heritage through oral histories, presentations, workshops, and community building.


    Over the last 50 years, Mississauga has grown from a population of 100,000 that were mainly early settler families to close to 800,000 residents comprising of cultures from around the world.

    Preservation of Mississauga's early heritage has been relatively easy to record through standard documents, stories and family recordings. Within the Heritage Resource Centre, there is extensive data on Indigenous communities, the builders of the city, early Pioneer families, early farms, post offices, business and industry, etc. However the rich cultural heritage is less known, and stories now need to be collected from our diverse communities that make up Mississauga, so that they can be preserved for future generations.

  • Collecting & Preserving Mississauga's Stories

    through Oral Histories

    Why Oral Histories?

    Oral histories are a valuable tool for capturing and preserving information about historical events, lives of individuals, and memories that may otherwise be lost. Allowing people to use their own words can move them to share aspects of their life experience that may not be recorded in writing or in photos.


    What’s Your Story?

    Everyone has a story, from the Indigenous Mississaugas, to the early settlers whose toil helped shape the modern landscape we live, work and play in today, to those who arrived in Mississauga yesterday. Our heritage is ever growing and these stories, your stories, are what make Mississauga unique. These stories need to be recorded!


    Who Can Share Their Story?

    We invite everyone, of any age, of any background, to share your stories with us. Remember what was, reflect on what is, and ponder what the future will bring to Mississauga! Think of the stories your house, your street or your community could tell if only they could talk. And they can talk – they just need a voice to relate that story and to preserve it for future generations!


    We look to you, the citizens of Mississauga, to help us collect the stories of our ever changing and diverse community. Please share your stories and pictures with us, as we seek to protect, preserve and promote Mississauga's heritage.


    Heritage Mississauga is looking for Cultural Heritage Champions who can introduce and connect your community or cultural group's elders, community leaders, and ambassadors to us.


    You will work with Heritage Mississauga to record oral histories of your community and preserve Mississauga's cultural story in a fun and creative way.

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    Introduce and connect your community or cultural group to

    Heritage Mississauga.

    We are looking for Cultural Heritage Champions who will be able to introduce and connect us with members of their community.

    Heritage Mississauga would like to connect with potential cultural heritage ambassadors for this project. We would also like to connect with elders and community leaders, who we can organize oral histories with.

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    Invite members of your community or cultural group to one of Heritage Mississauga's workshops about this project.

    We are looking for Cultural Heritage Champions who will be able to promote our workshops to their community.

    Heritage Mississauga will be putting on FREE workshops in the community about this project. We need your help to encourage your friends, colleagues, and community to come, so that we can spread the word about the importance of preserving Mississauga's cultural heritage.

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    Nominate leaders in your community for "The Credits", Heritage Mississauga's annual event that honours our city's heritage heroes.

    We are looking for Cultural Heritage Champions who will nominate their community and cultural leaders for The Credits.

    Heritage Mississauga is always looking to honour those in the community, and our annual awards gala gives us the opportunity to do that. Nominate someone you know who is a heritage hero in Mississauga! For more information, please visit: www.thecredits.strikingly.com.

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    Research your community's immigration story.

    We are looking for Cultural Heritage Ambassadors who would like to spend time researching your community's immigration story.

    Heritage Mississauga has a Historian on staff who is knowledgeable about all the ways that you can do research. If you're interested in diving deeper into the history of your community in Mississauga, we would be able teach you how to do this. From your research, we can work together to come up with new resources, booklets and presentations to bring these new stories to life!

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    Collect and record your community's oral histories.

    We are looking for Cultural Heritage Ambassadors who would like to collect and record oral histories from people in their community.

    The collection of community stories and oral histories is an important part of our city's legacy. Heritage Mississauga needs your help! We are looking for people who understand the importance of this role and would like to interview and record elders and significant leaders in their communities.

    • Heritage Mississauga will train you on how to conduct proper oral histories.
    • Heritage Mississauga will provide you with the technology to record these oral histories.
    • Heritage Mississauga will provide you access to our Heritage Resource Centre for online research purposes.
    • Heritage Mississauga will provide you the space to record your oral histories if needed.
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    Heritage Mississauga will work with you to develop our

    "Shaping Mississauga" presentation for your community or cultural group.

    We are looking for Cultural Heritage Ambassadors who would like to help us create our "Shaping Mississauga" presentation, so that it includes your community story in it.

    The Heritage Mississauga Historian has created a presentation called "Shaping Mississauga" about the Biography of Our City. We would love to share this presentation with you, so that you can add part of your immigration story to it and create a personalized presentation for your community, so that it becomes part of Mississauga's timeline.

  • Mississauga's Heritage Source

    Heritage Mississauga, also known as the Mississauga Heritage Foundation was founded in 1960, by a small group of volunteers. Known then as the Toronto Township Historical Foundation, this charitable organization supported the move of the Bradley House to its present location and worked to open the home as the area’s first Museum.

    In 1994 the City of Mississauga officially took over the running of the Museum Complex and Heritage Mississauga took on the role as the only independent organization devoted to city-wide heritage matters.


    From its offices at "The Grange", the historic Robinson-Adamson House (1921 Dundas Street West, Mississauga), Heritage Mississauga provides the community with a comprehensive Heritage Resource Centre. The Centre offers a number of services to the community including:


    • Heritage Research & Publications

    • Research Assistance

    • Outreach Presentations

    • Heritage Resource Centre Library

    • Publications

    • Heritage and Art Exhibits

    • Guided and Self-Guided Heritage Tours

    • Heritage Events (like The Credits Awards & Haunted Mississauga)

    • Oral History Interviews

    • Quarterly “Heritage News” Newsletter

    • Heritage Network & Community Partners

    • Advocacy

    Heritage Mississauga (Mississauga Heritage Foundation Inc.) is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to promotion of local heritage. Heritage Mississauga’s MISSION is to “research, record and celebrate Mississauga’s heritage”. Heritage Mississauga’s VISION is to be “Mississauga’s Heritage Source.”


    Our shared heritage is an important element in fostering and maintaining Mississauga’s sense of community, pride and history. Together with the support of community groups, corporations and individuals, Heritage Mississauga will continue to accept the challenge of promoting awareness of the community’s most precious non-renewable resource.

  • Connect With Us

    For more information, please contact Meghan Mackintosh at:

    (905) 828-8411 ext 23 or email: outreach@heritagemississauga.org.

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